Improve Gastro Intestinal Health in Horses

Gastrointestinal health is facilitated by good probiotics in the gut. These probiotics are essential in making special necessary amino acids, B complex vitamins and more. In an overly-acidic hind gut, improper, and inflammatory fermentative bacteria take over and produce waste products that can cause allergenic responses in the horse. Interestingly, they can even contribute to further acidity.

For good probiotics to live, the pH of the environment must be suitable. You can feed huge quantities of the best probiotics supplement to correct digestive problems but success will be minimal without addressing hind gut pH. Like trying to plant roses in the desert. The environment good probiotics need to live has to be fostered or they will not flourish and reproduce.

By restoring the correct pH — with techniques like good high quality non-legume protein sources, clean water and detox measures (if necessary) — digestion is improved and less food is required to maintain health. The most important nutrients are able to be extracted from food when the probiotics that horses evolved to depend on are thriving in the gut.

Correcting pH, restoring proper probiotics in the gut can “reset” the immune system, alleviating many allergies and autoimmune responses to elements and parasites that have made their way past the gut barrier into the interior areas of the body. Nearly 90% of the immune system resides in the gut. Correcting the hind gut pH allows the hind gut to heal and thereby seal off microscopic breaches/holes in the gut - to prevent organisms within the GI tract from infecting other parts of the body, and instead, safely pass all the way through the intestines like nature always intended for horses.


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