Nutrient Buffer® HG

Hind Gut Ulcer, Leaky Gut & EPM Horse Supplement

Nutrient Buffer® H/G is a 100% natural nutritional equine supplement that contains NO DRUGS. It's a blend of nutritional buffers, a full spectrum of micro-encapsulated probiotics, and USP Grade vitamins and minerals, including organic forms of minerals designed to address hind gut ulcers and help manage EPM as well as other neurological syndromes. Nutrient Buffer® H/G is an essential part of an equine dietary program intended to re-balance and restore hind gut integrity after environmental exposure(s) to toxins such as smoke, chemicals, poor feed and water quality or trauma.

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Equine Ulcers & Colic in Horses

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H₂ Blockers

Drugs have many shortcomings, and H₂ Blockers have some unique ones. When your horse builds a tolerance after prolonged daily use, you find yourself continually increasing the dosage to achieve the same results.

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Proton Pump Inhibitors

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