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Diatomaceous Earth Supplements for Horses

Another common syndrome seen in horses with hind gut acidity, neurological symptoms and EPM problems, is a history of being fed DE/ diatomaceous earth products. This product is actually the exoskeletons of dead marine micro organisms made of silica, the common stuff glass is made from. DE is used successfully in repelling and killing various insects and snails in gardens and around structures. Since it is microscopic sharp shards of glass, it works on the insects by plugging the breathing holes/ spiracles of the insects on the sides of their bodies, effectively suffocating them. And since it is so sharp, it also causes cuts in the shells of their bodies causing them to dehydrate. In snails, it will also cut the soft moist bodies and kill them.

Animal owners mistakenly think that DE is a safe and effective dewormer and sometimes feed it to horses and dogs, however, this not the case. Internal parasites have thick and acid proof skin to protect them from digestive enzymes and stomach acids for a reason. DE does not affect them. They are not insects.

DE fed over time, will cut and erode the sensitive lining of the small and large intestine that is meant to absorb nutrients, damaging tissue and then causing scar tissue to form there. Scar tissue does not absorb nutrients like the original tissue does, and so leaves the intestinal wall damaged from the microscopic shards of glass, leading to Leaky Gut Syndrome and neurological syndromes like EPM. Any opening of the gut wall, by any means, whether from chemical excess acidity or mechanically as in the action of DE will allow undigested food particles, bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, pollen grains, dirt etc. into the peritoneal internal area of the body, causing massive immune and autoimmune response, swelling of the lower intestines as well as infections that should not be there, and contributing to Leaky Gut.

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