Colic Help for Horses

Excess acidity and diet problems can provoke a colic attack. Race track veterinarians both use and recommend Nutrient Buffer® as a first approach in colic cases, often eliminating the need for costly surgery that would end a racing career. It is the 'original' natural digestive aid buffering supplement that helps soothe and lubricate the gut as well as aid in relaxation so the impaction or gas pocket can pass.

For an active early colic, it's not always necessary but you can add 1 tablespoon of epsom salts to each dose of Nutrient Buffer® and it will help stimulate the gastric tract to move. It is suggested that for an early colic, Nutrient Buffer® be dosed every half hour for several hours. If the colic has not successfully resolved or is violent, you need to call your vet as there may be a twisted intestine, and no product will fix that. Surgery is the only option for a twisted gut.

For any colic, it is recommended to follow also all of the standard treatments, such as walking the horse, taking the horse for a trailer ride on a gravel road, not letting them roll etc. Always follow standard advice in both preventing and treating any colic. Do not let the horse stay in a colic mode for more than 3 hours before getting veterinary help.

Nutrient Buffer® is an important part of every equine first aid kit. It is suggested that you freeze ½ gallon for future use, and if your horse is getting Nutrient Buffer® in his feed every day, you won’t likely need the first aid kit, except maybe for a friend or neighbor’s horse!


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